$65.00 (Founders club $55.25)
save 15%

DeSolid Burgundy Red is one of our favorite solids the design team chose for production. The color Burgundy symbolizes strength, bravery, heroism, inner-strength, and courage. 

YPG’s Highly Comfortable leggings are high waisted ,engineered to hug your waistline and glutes without slipping while supporting your every move!

“The Burgundy” leggings come in two lengths.

-The Lifter is 7/8 length.

-The Runner is a full length.

Both lengths are eligible in the 2 pairs for $50.00 incentive when you sign up for your Gallery Membership.

Gallery Membership 

  • - Machine Wash Cold
  • - Tumble Dry Low
  • - Do Not Bleach
  • - Do Not Iron