Yoga Pants Gallery About us
YPG strives to bring communities together while celebrating diversity and inclusion. We provide a platform for under-represented minorities and women in the health, wellness and fitness industry. We are committed to providing the best athleisure wear to inspire and empower those through their fitness journey.
YPG is a black-owned and minority-lead team of fitness, health, and wellness professionals from around the country, striving to create unity in the community through curated online content. YPG seeks to create quality, versatile, and inclusive athletic wear, (sizes XXS - XXXL), that fits like a second layer of skin while inspiring athletes everywhere to celebrate their individuality through bold, colorful designs! We embrace diversity and encourage our customers to live out
loud. Our intern program partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters and schools to provide opportunities for the youth to gain experience in their career and exposure to entrepreneurship.
As an inclusive company, we cater to all demographics and ages making our brand representation diverse. YPG's mission and social responsibility focuses on under-represented minorities and women between the ages of 18-60. Our direction is to represent those who are still fighting for a place of recognition. We stand firmly with members of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.