Social Responsibility

In addition to creating activewear for women of all shapes and sizes, YPG also believes it is our social responsibility to address the following systemic issues:

  1. We strive to create experiences and provide exposure to entrepreneurship for high school and early college students. We have seen first hand the difference individuals have in their career and work experiences based on their socioeconomic class. As the company grows, we are creating leaders and will aid in accelerating their growth as young professionals.
  2. We create high quality products at an affordable rate. The retail value of our leggings ($65 - $75) is meant to represent the national average pay discrepancy. For every $1 a male earns, women earn $0.79. We price them below this average as a way to gain awareness on the inequality that still exists for women in this country.
  3. Black entrepreneurs only make up 1% of the United States total population. It is our duty to create more.

In the words of Henry Ford, "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."