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  • "They remind me of align by Lululemon like the feeling of them but its a little more supportive so your not getting that jiggle jiggle if you know what I mean" - Katrina in Sacramento 
  • "It finally happened, I cheated on Lululemon and didn't regret it. Ladies, if you love leggings get a pair. They are only $65 and feel like $1,000,000"
    Ashley in KC
  • I promise you that @shopypg Yoga Pants will change your life. No more adjusting your pants. "Burpees Love Them"
    - Liz
  • High Waist, Check! No sweat marks, Check! Slip Resistant, Check! Not see through, Check! Fun Colors and cute designs, Check! If you do not have a pair you are missing out
    - Rosa
  • We all have the leggings that we wear just to wear. Yoga Pants Gallery leggings are the only leggings I work out in. If you don't know why then there is only one thing to do! Get you some - Britt
  • I teach 5 five days a week and there is only one legging that I coach in, YPGs
    - Lex
  • How did you even do this? These leggings are literally the best leggings! The only problem I have is I don't have enough of them- Ashley
  • I have all the leggings brands you can imagine. YPGs are the only ones I workout in anymore, the only ones I travel in, I just love how they feel like a second layer of skin and have no restrictions
    - Julissa
  • I absolutely love everything that this brand is about! I can't wait to see YPG grow
    - Cat